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Exam Past Papers Ordering Service

Scale of Fees (all inclusive, No VAT, as of October 2023)

Braille Text (per page)                            £0.95

Minolta diagrams (per diagram)                     £1.80
Binding/Packaging (per booklet)                    £2.60
Print transcript of Braille version of paper       £5.00

Transcription of candidates' answer scripts       £10.50
from Braille to Print (Per Braille Page)

Mode of Preparation

  • All papers are embossed single sided, and comb bound.
  • All papers are prepared in Standard English Grade 2 Braille, unless specifically stated.
  • A print transcript of the Braille version of the paper is provided, where this is available.
  • All diagrams are provided on swell paper. Please note that where diagrams were originally prepared using the thermoform method, these are NOT available, as the master copies degrade over time.

General Notes

Please note that past papers orders will be processed as soon as possible after placing your order and will generally be dispatched within 5 working days.

Our Office is open from 9.00am until 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Payment and Delivery

Orders from pre-existing customers will be despatched upon receipt of order, with invoice enclosed. Our payment terms are strictly 28 days from date of invoice.

For new customers we will make contact by telephone or e-mail to confirm the order, and may request payment before despatch. 

Most recent papers indicate a price for a single copy of the Braille paper.
Where a price for a paper is shown, this includes:

•    a complete, bound copy of the Braille text;
•    a complete, bound copy of any swell paper "Minolta" diagrams ;
•    where available, a print transcript of the Braille version of the paper;
•    where no price indicated (or is listed as £0 or POA), please refer to the scale of fees above;
•    all postage and packaging.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide a quotation for past papers before processing an order. An invoice will be provided with all despatched orders based on the scale of fees shown above.


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